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An evening featuring island cuisine, spirits, music & dance

Caribbean Marketplace

Imagine an event where the flavors and sensations of the Caribbean & Latin America are on display for you to sample and experience with island music, dance and food that showcase the cultural heritage of the islands and the feel of Miami.  That’s Spice it Up! Miami - - an event featuring island cuisine, spirits, music and dance. You will indulge in the tastes, sights and sounds that are the true essence of the islands and flavor of Miami. This event is one of the must attend experiences for locals as well as tourists.


You will learn to mix Caribbean & Latin drinks, create appetizing bites and once you are done enjoying your self-made cuisine,it’s now time to dance off the calories. Learn new and hip dance moves of meringue, salsa, compass, whine your waist to reggae and more with one of our Celebrity Chefs and your Dine-mates.


Enjoy the art and wood work in the Caribbean Marketplace as you discover this cultural destination.

The splashes of red, indigo-blue and vivid yellow all over the building are meant to represent the liveliness of the Caribbean and the gingerbread houses of Haiti. The building won a Florida Architecture Award and an American Institute of Architects national honor award. Miami-based architect Charles Harrison Pawley, who was born in Haiti to American parents and lived there as a child, modeled the 9,500-square-foot Miami structure after the Marché Ferrier (Iron Market) in the commercial district of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


Take Spice it Up! products home from the Spice Gift Shop showcasing spices, seasonings, aprons, cookbooks, and artistic kitchen essentials.


Spice it Up! Miami is a fun and interactive great date night, social mixer, tourist attraction, group event and more.  We look forward to seeing you at Spice it Up! Miami. Book the experience today!

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